Korea-Japan Joint Congress

Korea-Japan Joint Congress

Korea-Japan Joint Congress


By signing this document, both JSICM and KSCCM agree to the following terms:

  • a. The organizing committees of JSICM and KSCCM affirm that this agreement will be effective commencing Date of Agreement .
  • b. In the case where either society wishes to extend the agreement in its entirety or in part, that society will notify the other in writing of its intention and both societies will meet to discuss the proposal.
  • c. Upon mutual written consent, the agreement may be terminated or extended at any time, without limit as to the number of extensions or renewals.
  • d. In the event of a breach of the stipulations of this agreement by one of the parties, the other may choose to terminate the agreement provided a 30 days’ written notice is given

List of Presentation Titles and Speakers at the Joint Congresses

  • The 1st Joint Congress, 2001
  • The 3rd Joint Congress, 2003
  • The 5th Joint Congress, 2005
  • The 7th Joint Congress, 2007
  • The 9th Joint Congress, 2009
  • The 11th Joint Congress, 2011
  • The 13th Joint Congress, 2013
  • The 16th Joint Congress, 2016
  • The 17th Joint Congress, 2017

Announcement of the Next Joint Congress

  • The 19th Joint Scientific Congress of JSICM and KSCCM
  • April 27-28, 2019, The-K Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Council Meeting